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Advantages of being a member

  • Acting together ABNT in the elaboration and monitoring of technical norms that affect the sector;

  • Participation in AESAS meetings, CETESB Chambers and others Entities;

  • Dissemination of company vacancies on the AESAS website;

  • Newsletter: receipt and disclosure of the company from time to time;

  • Visibility on the site, at events and in government bodies;

  • A channel for dialogue with the government, related entities and the press;

  • Receipt of information of interest to environmental engineering and consulting companies;

  • Representation on behalf of the Entity, with prior indication, in working groups, technical chambers of governmental bodies and congeneral entities;

  • Discounts on courses and technical events supported by AESAS;

  • Discounts in workshops and seminars promoted by AESAS,

  • Production of technical books / videos on technical standards.

How to be a member

Legal entities that fulfill the following requirements will be admitted as Aesas´s member:


Work in the following areas:

  • Consultancy and environmental engineering, hereinafter referred to as "CEA", these being registered in CREA - Regional Council of Engineering and Architecture;

  • Laboratories that act in chemical and laboratory analyzes specifically in the environmental area, hereinafter referred to as "LAB", these being registered in the CRQ - Regional Council of Chemistry; and

  • Manufacturer and distributors of equipment and specific inputs related to environmental consulting and engineering activities, hereinafter referred to as "EQU".

  • Installation of monitoring wells for environmental purposes, high resolution research and collection of environmental samples "SRV"


The representative appointed by the member may act in all activities with the association, including administrative positions, and must be a qualified professional in the area of ​​activity and enrolled in the competent supervisory body of the activity developed by him.

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